This year we celebrate our 45th birthday and it is with immense pleasure that we welcome you to the Centrale Scuola Sci and Snowboard Livigno.
Time has given us experience and professionalism, qualities shown in our 85 instructors. All local instructors that can show you the best of Livigno making sure you have an unforgettable holiday, helped also by our agency, Interalpen and our newest addition, the kindergarten which has qualified staff to take care of our youngest clients who can learn to ski through play and offered many other activities to keep them happy accompanied by our mascot, Lupigno.
There is a large outside kids playpark with new toys for kids as well as older ‘kids’.


THE 50's

The oldest ski school in Livigno – Scuola Sci Inverno-Estate was founded at the end of the 50’s when the first tourists started to arrive in Livigno and needed instructors to teach them to ski.

THE 60's and 70's

When in the 60’s and 70’s Livigno started to become more widely known as a ski resort the Scuola Sci Inverno Estate became ever bigger and more important in the village with more instructors and tourists looking for organised lessons.


From the 80’s the school has continued to grow with a present day group of about 80 instructors, mostly from Livigno and is now considered one of the most important on a regional and national level.

Dynamism, Innovation

The ski school quickly grew with it’s strong points being the uniqueness of what it offered in the form of lessons and attention to the client.